Postcard from Vienna

“Whoever wants to know something about me, they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want.” — Gustav Klimt

The city of Sigmund Freud, Klimt, and Mozart. 20th-century coffee shops were politics and philosophy is discussed. The pseudo-intellectuals are welcomed here too. Vienna is filled with music and lights. The lukewarm summer nights are spent on sitting outdoor drinking a glass too much, an hour too late into the night. Music and lights all around.

I love this city. I love life — just not those schnitzels.

On a technical note: These images were made on a Fuji Xpro2 with either a Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 (Leica M mount — 22mm Full Frame equivalent) lens adapted and/or with a Fuji 23mm f/2 (35mm Full Frame equivalent). Images Edited consisted of homemade presets made in the Fuji, combined with slight, quick adjustments in Lightroom.



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Chris Ferr

Chris Ferr


Photographer and UI Designer. Born and raised in Denmark. Currently based in the South.